Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gothic Bird Necklace Big Pewter Phoenix or Eagle 1970s Vintage Jewelry $110


Vintage 1970s big pewter medallions are very hard to find, let alone one like this very ornate crowned Phoenix bird or Eagle.

This pendant is a true hippie piece and although it was originally made for older women, it is now a design that is more popular with men.
The eagle or phoenix bird is made in two sections and the legs and tail feathers move independently from the upper body. The piece is stacked and layered and the design is very celtic or gothic. The bird even has a clear rhinestone crown.

This bird is very impressive in size at 3 1/4" tall x 3" wide or 8.5 cm x 7.5 cm. You can get a better indication of the size by looking at the photo of the bird in my hand. The pewter has a wonderful patina and the metal is perfectly clean with no dings or other imperfections. The original 22" or 55 cm double link silver metal chain is a chromium plated.

The pendant is not signed, but I think I know who made this piece. It is so unique, it had to be made by Bergamot. Bergamont made all those incredible big belt buckles in brass and pewter that you remember from the 1970s like deer, elk, geese, horses, etc.

Bergamot had its humble beginning in Fox River Grove, Illinois in September, 1970. The first "factory" was a 10' x 14' smokehouse that rented for $35.00 a month! Over the years the company has grown to be considered the premier Art Foundry of it's type in the world. Located in Delavan Wisconsin, the factory now encompasses 100,000 square feet, is three blocks long, with 100 dedicated employees.

Egyptian Revival Necklace Lapis Blue Metallic Wood 1970s Vintage Jewelry $75


Made in the late 1970s or early 1980s, this Egyptian Revival style necklace is a most unusual collar necklace.

The necklace is made of carved wood beads finished with satin metallic paint in deep Lapis blue. The collar has 5 pyramid or trapezoid pendants spaced by polished gold metal arches. The rest of the necklace is made of medium round beads about 12 mm each, with four gold metal band beads.

The necklace is 19" or 48 cm long and is finished with a large gold metal lobster clasp. The trapezoids are 1 3/8" or 3.2 cm long x 1" or 2.5 cm wide at the bottoms.

Unsigned, the entire necklace is in microscopically clean condition and has been very well cared for. There are no signs of age or wear except for some scant and tiny light microscopic scratches on the tops of 2 of the trapezoids. Because the Lapis finish is lightly marbled, the scratches blend in and are not noticeable.

Alice Caviness Pearl Necklace Earrings w Rhinestone Gold Leaves Vintage Jewelry $245

Alice Caviness Pearl Necklace Earrings w Rhinestone Gold Leaves Vintage Jewelry $245

This designer signed Alice Caviness necklace and earring parure is probably one of the last 1990's designs made before they went out of business in 1997. This is a formal set but it can also be dressed down for more relaxed occasions.

This collar style necklace is made of two strands of acrylic lustrous white disk pearls spaced every 1 1/2" with sparkling clear rhinestone rhondells. The large gold leaf medallion is stacked and layered and brilliantly textured in micro-nugget rose gold metal. Each leaf has a clear rhinestone row down the center rib.

The necklace is a unique design as the top strand of pearls hangs in a V shape and the lower strand of pearls hangs in a double swag. The matching clip earrings are a single leaf design.

The necklace can be hooked between 18" and 20" long or 45 cm to 50 cm. The original matching pearl extension chain is in place and the pearl strands are finished with rhinestone clad silver rhodium findings. The gold leaf medallion is 3" long x 2" wide or 7.5 cm x 5 cm and is not heavy to wear. The clip earrings are 1 1/2" long x 1" wide or 3.8 cm x 2.5 cm.

This parure is in pristine like new never worn condition.
The entire set is microscopically clean and brilliant. All of the pearls and the gold are perfect and all of the rhinestones are original, present, and sparkling clear. The necklace and the earrings are signed Alice Caviness. The signature not the earrings is plain to read but the signature on the necklace is a faint impression; just how it was made.
Shipped gift wrapped and in new luxury presentation necklace and earring boxes.

Italian Pin The World on the Moon Serenade Brooch 1950s Vintage Jewelry $95


It is easy to fall in love with this rare vintage 1950s " World on the Moon" Italian pin.

This theme pin represents the Italian Opera "Mondo della Luna" and this pin was most likely only sold at Opera houses in Italy and was not made for export. You might look your whole life and never find another pin like this one as production was very limited.

The pin has the orignal paper price hang tag that reads Made in Italy, and the hand written price of 795 Lira. To the best of my calculations, in 1950's Italy, this pin cost a little less than a buck and a half; a token memento from the Opera. Imagine being able to go the opera today and get anything for a buck fifty ! That wont buy a pack of gum!

The pin is made of brilliant 24kt gold plated metal. It is a thin plating, similar to the way in which Spanish Damascene jewelry was made. The gold metal is pierced with tiny die stamp details that creates a very rich, elegant look : another technique very similar to Damascene jewelry.

The man is sereanding the lady with a mandolin and the lady wears an big hoop Victorian dress and holds a fancy fan in her hand. A moonlight serenade, as the lovers sit in a dreamy light blue enameled crescent moon.

The pin is medium in size at 1 3/4" wide x 1 1/2" tall or 4.4 cm x 3.8 cm. The entire pin is in pristine clean like new unworn condition with no imperfections. The back has the original fine working C clasp.

Art Deco Nautical Pin Carved Wood Sailboat Ships Wheel Antique Jewelry $140


Made in the 1920-1930 era, this hand carved sailboat pin is an exceptional, very rare nautical beauty.

The pin is carved from dark brown waxed Mahogany wood and over time, the wood has taken on a wonderful smooth patina. The mast and sails are detailed with carved lines and recessed beveled trim. The boat has carved hash marks representing waves and the meticulously carved ships wheel is placed behind the foresail like a setting sun.

The hull and handles on the ships wheel are rust orange enamel and the mast is green enamel. In the early 1900's before WWII, red, white and blue were not considered primary nautical colors. Old vintage nautical jewelry was mainly made in colors of orange-red and green, representing the colors of buoy markers.

The pin is medium large in size at 2 1/8" tall x 2" wide or 5.6 cm x 5 cm. The entire pin is in exceptional clean condition and has been very well cared for. The wood is perfect everywhere with no scratches, chips, scuffs, or fading. The carving is very precise and exceptional, obviously only achieved by a master carver. The back has the original well made stainless steel bar, hinge, and safety clasp in perfect working order. There is some light enamel wear.

Teddy Bear Pin Swarovksi Crystal Brooch Vintage Jewelry $45


This vintage teddy bear pin is a charming creation entirely encrusted in clear Swarovski crystals.

The bear is made of polished rich gold metal and around the neck is large bow with a dangling gold heart charm. The bear has black glass eyes,a black enamel nose, and the body is reverse arched like a stuffed teddy bear would be.

The bear is medium in size at 1 5/8" tall x 1 3/8" wide or 4.2 cm x 3.2 cm. Unsigned, the bear is exceptional quality and the metal is very thick and weighty.

I sincerely doubt this pin has ever been worn and the entire pin, both front and back, is in pristine like new condition. The brooch is microscopically clean and bright and there is no gold wear anywhere. All of the crystals are original, present, and sparkling clear. The back has the original fine working safety clasp.

Pearl Earrings Tahitian Steel Grey Clusters 1960s Vintage Jewelry $55


Made in the 1960's, these wild large cluster chandelier earrings were made to look like Tahitian pearls.

The earrings are clips and they are signed S & J. Each earring has countless steel grey pearls made of acrylic beads with a high grade steel metallic mirror finish. The pearls are all individually connected with stainless steel loop wires and the pearls range in size from 5 mm to 10 mm.

Notice the unique rhodium plated butterfly backs on the earrings. These backs serve to spread the pearl dangles so that the cluster hangs in a wide fashion.

The earrings measure 3" long x 1 1/2" wide or 7.5 cm x 3.8 cm. Both earrings are new old stock and have never been worn. The pair is in pristine clean like new condition.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coro Vendome Topaz Necklace w Earrings Rare Parallelogram Crystals Vintage Jewelry $165


This stunning Topaz crystal necklace and long maxi dangle earrings is a Vendome designer set. Made in the 1950s and obviously designed by Helen Marion, the unique Topaz crystals on the necklace are elongated hexagonal cross cut bicones or trapezoids that shimmer in blazing golden yellow hues.

Artistically expressive designs, such as this set, was the main reason for Vendome's great success. Of all the various colored crystal necklaces made by Vendome, this elegant single strand Topaz necklace is of the hardest to find, especially with such unusual trapezoid crystals. A top designer line of Coro, Vendome was well known for the use of high quality Austrian crystals.
The trapezoid like Topaz crystals range in size from 13 mm to 16 mm long. The crystals are strung together by gold plated wire loops and tube beads. Spaced along the chain are Topaz crystal bicone saucer beads as well.

 If you are a collector, you will be thrilled to know that this necklace has never been worn and retains two original paper hang tags. One tag is the signed Vendome paper tag and the other is the Vendome Fleur de Lis logo tag. The necklace is not signed on the clasp, and the earrings are not signed on the clips.

 The long dangle earrings feature large Topaz bicones with gold metal filigree bell caps at the tops. Separated by long slender gold metal tube beads, the top of the earrings are finished with faceted round Topaz crystals; two round crystals per earring. The earrings are clips and they are the slender lever style that are comfortable to wear.

The necklace is 20 1/4" long or 50.6 cm. If you would like to make the necklace a little bit longer, you can add a gold metal extension chain below.

 A 3" extension would allow you to hook the necklace anywhere between 20 1/4" to 23 1/4" and a 4" extension chain could be hooked between 20 1/4" to 24 1/4". The maxi length dangle earrings are 3" or 7.5 cm long. The impressive Topaz bicones on the earrings are 15 mm.

 As I said before, this set has never been worn and the entire set is in fabulous microscopically clean condition. The gold metal is polished and bright and there is no gold metal wear anywhere. The clips on the earrings are like new as well. I have examined all of the crystals under a 6" lighted magnifying glass and some pin pricks on scattered facets can be seen here and there on the crystals; signs of light handling and something not visible unless examined up close.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chandelier Rhinestone Earrings Maxi Diamonds Vintage Jewelry $110


Made in the 1950s, these jaw dropping clear crystal and black glass chandelier maxi earrings are a rare Fleur de Lis design! This dramatic very stupendous design is one that you will rarely find!

 The earrings are made for pierced ears and each earring features three clear rhinestone chains, terminating in three diamond rhinestone frames. The diamond shaped black glass cabs are etched glass with a polished finish that looks like polished Onyx.
The earrings are maxi lengths at 2 1/16" long x 1 1/16" wide , or 5.5 cm x 2.6 cm. 

The crystals and rhinestones have super spectacular clarity and brilliance. All of the rhinestones and crystals are original, present, and sparkling clean. The earrings are made of silver pot metal that is pristine clean as well.

 These earrings are so flattering and so glamorous ... and they are a rare find!

Art Deco Signed Pin Gold Silver Lady Face Brooch Vintage Jewelry $155


This very impressive large lady face pin or pendant is signed Art Deco with the design number B362. Art Deco is the name of the US jewelry designer that made this piece in the 1980s. Jewelry that was made by this designer is hard to find today as they did not produce a lot of jewelry.

This brooch is big, heavy, and thick. It is a glemaing mixed metal combination made of solid brass with thick and polished gold and silver plating. The lady has an Art Deco look with wind swept hair and a long slender face. The hair is textured gold with black enamel in the recessed areas. The face is a highly polished silver metal and the eyes and mouth are accented in gold.

The brooch is molded in relief in an arched 3D fashion. The brooch is about 3 1/2" tall x 2 1/2" wide or 8.5 cm x 6.5 cm. It weighs 86 grams, or about 3 ounces. You can get a better indication of the size by looking at the photo of the brooch in my hand.

The brooch, both front and back, is in excellent pristine clean condition. There are no scratches, dings, or other imperfections. The back is finished in glistening textured gold and the brooch has the original fine working safety clasp and a large bail.

Reinad Asian Lady Face Pin Red Clear Rhinestone Paves Vintage Jewelry $225


This Asian Princess brooch is designer signed Reinad and was made sometime during the 1940s or the early 1950s. This exceptional lady face pin is a spectacular rare presentation piece. This is an excellent price on this piece as it is valued close to $500.

The face or mask is made of silver pot metal and is completely paved with diamond like clear rhinestones. The eyes, the eyebrows, and the mouth, are cut out open areas. The headdress is made of fans of clear baguette crystals with a cluster of ruby red crystal chatons at the top. The lady also has dazzling rows of ruby red crystals as earrings.

This brooch is medium large in size at 2 3/8" tall x 2" wide or 6 cm x 5.3 cm. The entire pin is microscopically clean and in superb condition. All of the crystals and rhinestones are original, present, and super sparkling. The pot metal on the back and sides is flawless with no imperfections like dings, scratches, or wear. The back has the original fine working safety clasp. The Reinad signature is slightly worn and the last two letters are faint.

Reinad Novelty Co. of New York City was in business from 1922 til the mid-1950s. They produced only a few of their designs under their own name and were mostly a produced jewelry for the many of the high end designers such as Boucher, Hattie Carnegie and Eisenberg. Ref: A Tribute to America Costume Jewelry 1935-1950/Carla & Roberto Brunialti page 28. Fred Rezazadeh, in his book Costume Jewelry, states If you see a piece of Reinad jewelry you like, try to buy it, for you will not get a second chance.

Chandelier Rhinestone Earrings Chic Cube Midis Vintage Jewelry $85


You might think these 1950s chandelier earrings are an Art Deco design, but these boxy midi dangles were considered "Chic Ultra Modern" in the 1950s. The box dangle design is very uncommon to find and I don’t think this style was made for more than a couple of years in the mid to late 1950s.

 The earrings are made for pierced ears and are made of silver rhodium metal. The box design is slightly arched, slightly curved on the sides, and completely paved with high quality Swarovski clear crystals, all prong set. The stone settings are very tight and precise as the craftsmanship is exemplary. 

At the bottom are 6 short matching dangles. The dangles are the perfect length at 7/8" long as this length makes the earring swing sharply with just the slightest movement, unlike longer dangles that you have to stand on your head and bounce around around like Nadia Comaneci in order to get the long sections to swing!

 Overall, the earrings are 1 3/4" long x 5/8" wide or 4.4 cm x 1.6 cm. Unsigned, both earrings are in pristine like new condition and have never been worn. The earrings are microscopically clean and sparkling and all of the crystals are original, present, and super brilliant. There is no rhodium wear or any imperfections anywhere.