Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gothic Bird Necklace Big Pewter Phoenix or Eagle 1970s Vintage Jewelry $110


Vintage 1970s big pewter medallions are very hard to find, let alone one like this very ornate crowned Phoenix bird or Eagle.

This pendant is a true hippie piece and although it was originally made for older women, it is now a design that is more popular with men.
The eagle or phoenix bird is made in two sections and the legs and tail feathers move independently from the upper body. The piece is stacked and layered and the design is very celtic or gothic. The bird even has a clear rhinestone crown.

This bird is very impressive in size at 3 1/4" tall x 3" wide or 8.5 cm x 7.5 cm. You can get a better indication of the size by looking at the photo of the bird in my hand. The pewter has a wonderful patina and the metal is perfectly clean with no dings or other imperfections. The original 22" or 55 cm double link silver metal chain is a chromium plated.

The pendant is not signed, but I think I know who made this piece. It is so unique, it had to be made by Bergamot. Bergamont made all those incredible big belt buckles in brass and pewter that you remember from the 1970s like deer, elk, geese, horses, etc.

Bergamot had its humble beginning in Fox River Grove, Illinois in September, 1970. The first "factory" was a 10' x 14' smokehouse that rented for $35.00 a month! Over the years the company has grown to be considered the premier Art Foundry of it's type in the world. Located in Delavan Wisconsin, the factory now encompasses 100,000 square feet, is three blocks long, with 100 dedicated employees.
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