Thursday, March 29, 2012

Funky Vintage Necklace Avon Polished Spectrum Lucite 1980s Jewelry $45

Funky Vintage Necklace Avon Polished Spectrum Lucite 1980s Jewelry $45

Never underestimate the incredible quality of some vintage jewelry that was made by Avon. If you know what to look for, some Avon pieces are not only great collectible investments, but durable, timeless designs you can enjoy wearing.

The most important aspect when it comes to vintage Avon necklaces like this one is the condition. The beads must look like new: and that is NOT the case with many vintage Avon necklaces.

This necklace was only made in 1986 and I have owned it since it was new. The design name is Polished Spectrum. It is a necklace I have never wanted to sell because I received tons of compliments when I wore it, and I always enjoyed wearing it. I guess I've worn it maybe a dozen times, but I have kept it in perfect like new pristine clean condition.

The marbled and translucent square Lucite cabs overlap in a domino effect. The jewel tone colors were made to imitate the look of gem colors like Jade, Carnelian, Onyx, Amber, and Amethyst. The necklace is 21" or 53.3 cm long. The squares are each 3/4" or 19 mm wide. Of course this necklace has been very well cared for by me and there no imperfections or flaws.

Funky Vintage Necklace Neon Green n Orange Sparkle Beach Ball Beads $65


This very unique 1960s vintage necklace is part of my personal jewelry collection and it is a necklace I have never wanted to sell. Why? Because the beads are extremely rare, wild, and wacky! I sincerely doubt you will ever see another necklace like this one!

This necklace was made in West Germany and is signed on the back of the insert clasp. The large beads are sectioned like beach balls in hot coral orange and bright neon green. The beads have very tiny facets all around and sparkle and shimmer like crystal or glass. The beads are an old type of shiny thermoset plastic.

Notice the unique construction of the strand. Each bead in hand wired in place and joined with loops and tiny matching neon green beads and gold foil glass seed beads. All of these beads were not just thrown together on a cord. Each and every bead was meticulously wired, hand looped, and connected. The insert clasp is hidden by a matching neon green bead and the clasp is solid brass.

The necklace is 21" or 53 cm long when clasped. The focal beads are 5/8" or 16 mm wide. I have worn this necklace once or twice and having kept it in perfect like new condition, the entire necklace is pristine clean and flawless.

Funky MOD Hippie Earrings Neon Pierced Dangles 1960s Jewelry $35


Made in the 1960s, these funky hippie earrings have been stored away and never worn for over 3 decades. The earrings are not signed but they are not a style that was made by any US jewelry designers such as Avon or Coventry, and they were not seriously mass produced. They were made in West Germany or Hong Kong.

These cool authentic Hippie earrings are made of thermoset plastic round ball beads and square beads in neon green, hot pink, and bright orange. The largest ball beads at the bottom have silver metal filigree bell caps and the ball bead ear studs are silver metal.

The earrings are light weight to wear and hang down 2 3/4" or 70 mm long. The largest bead at the bottom is 3/4" or 19 mm wide. This pair is in VERY pristine clean like new condition with no imperfections or flaws. The ear studs are new and never worn.

Ethnic Carved African Animal Necklace Seeds w Shells Vintage Jewelry (15710) $75

Ethnic Carved African Animal Necklace Seeds w Shells Vintage Jewelry (15710)

It has been one of my fascinations as a vintage jewelry collector to acquire carved wood African animal necklaces that are extremely unique in character. There were many that were made in the 1980s that were very plain in design and today, finding ones that have a unique combination of colorful beads is not easy.

The large carved wood animals are a zebra, an elephant, and a leopard. The main colors of the necklace are light and dark woods, terra cotta, bright red, black, and sea shell colors. There are real cowrie sea shells, real terra cotta clay beads, carved wood beads, carved horn bone beads, seed pods, and black glass beads.

The necklace is 2 " or 50 mm long when clasped. The animals are large at about 21" or 53 cm long. If you would like to make this necklace a little bit longer, I can make a custom silver metal necklace extender for you by selecting the option box below. The extender will allow you to hook the necklace anywhere between 21' and 26".

This necklace is super clean pristine condition and all of the beads are in perfect shape with no missing or damaged beads. All of the animals and shells are perfect as well.

Vintage Cufflinks 1950s VASTANO Greek Revival Silver w Hematite (15721) $75

Vintage Cufflinks 1950s VASTANO Greek Revival Silver w Hematite (15721)

Made in the 1950's, these very unusual vintage cufflinks are not signed but I can tell you a lot about them.

They are made of silver rhodium metal with premium quality faceted Hematite cabs. The round settings are concave with etched radiating sun like patterns. If you look closely at this crescent moon shaped radiating lines, it is actually not a Mid Century Modern design but rather, a Greek Revival motif.

These cufflinks are exceptionally quality with gemstones, indicating they were probably made by Joseph Vastano. He didn't sign alot of this cufflinks but he almost always used gemstones in his unique designs. The back of the cufflinks has a unique radiating pattern as well.

Medium petite in size, the cufflinks are about 3/4" or 20 mm wide. The Hematite cabs are 10 mm. Both cufflinks are in pristine clean like new unworn condition with no imperfections or flaws. There are no scratches, scuffs, dings or metal wear.
Comes shipped in a new luxury presentation cufflink box as pictured.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Black Glass Flower Pin Big Rare Gold Brooch 1950s Vintage Jewelry $ 110


This extremely unique black glass flower brooch is a rare to find unsigned beauty. The quality construction of the piece, and the design, indicates it may have been made by Cadoro, Celebrity, or Judy Lee.

This large triple flower cluster brooch is made of polished and etched bright gold metal and each flower petal has a gold metal perimeter. The petals are poured black glass with large faceted chatons at the center. Look at the back of the brooch and notice the unique riveted filigree settings.

Light weight to wear but large in size, the brooch is 2 1/4" or 57 mm wide. You can get a better indication of the size by viewing the photo of the brooch in my hand.

The entire brooch is in spectacular like new pristine clean condition with no imperfections or flaws. There are no scratches or chips on any of the glass petals or chatons and there is no gold wear or loss of gold. The back has the original fine working safety clasp.

Maltese Cross Pin Ruby Red Crystal Gold Brooch 1950s Vintage Jewelry $ 110


Of all the brooches I've loved collecting over the past 40 years, vintage Maltese crosses are among my top favorites because of the endless variety. All US jewelry makers made Maltese crosses and it is possible to collect dozens, each from a different designer.

At the same time, many Maltese cross pins were designer made and not signed... and no one knows why. To collect Maltese cross pins, what you mainly want to look for is the quality of construction and the uniqueness of the design.

Maltese crosses in just gold metal and red crystals, like this one, are exceedingly rare to find. After you have looked closely at several hundred vintage Maltese crosses, you will know what designs are unique!

This unsigned beauty is visually commanding at first signt. The triple layered glistening gold metal is designed in parallelograms and pendant shapes in an open work fashion. The gold metal is hash marked, or crimped, that creates a strong sparkling effect. Most prominent are the 9 large deep Ruby Red crystal chatons; all table top faceted and prong set. The ruby red crystals have spectacular regal sparkle because they are vintage Austrian crystals with a high lead conent.

The prong setting are well worth noting here. Look at the back of the brooch and notice how each crystal setting is cup shaped and the center setting is riveted in place. The back of the brooch is also finished in textured gold. This is a very well made quality designer brooch reminiscent of Judy Lee, Cadoro, Panetta, Richelieu or Givenchy.

The brooch is weighty by construction but not heavy to wear. Large in size, the cross is 2 1/4" or 55 mm wide. The crystals are 8.5 mm and 11 mm at the center. In pristine clean spectacular flawless condition, all of the crystals are perfect with no scratches, chips, cracks, or facet wear. There is no missing gold or gold wear. The back has the original fine working safety clasp.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Antique Beaded Purse Art Deco Jewel Opera Bag Signed Czechoslovakia $ 145


Imagine yourself in Czechoslovakia in the 1920's.

During the height of the Art Deco era, you are going to the opera in your special occasion gold and jewel tone long, slinky, silk dress. To match the dress, you must have the perfect hand made beaded opera bag; something in jewel tones to match your sexy dress.

This Art Deco era opera bag is in such perfect overall condition it is obvious it has never been used. The purse is a very rare jewel tone color combination of glass beads in deep garnet red and bright gold.

The silk/cotton lining is dark sage green with a chocolate brown border. This opera bag still has the original tag signed Made in Czechoslovakia. The tag is a little frayed, but the lettering is perfectly legible. The purse has a brown drawstring cord and many black metal loops that serve drawstring devices.

There is also a long gold beaded tassel on the bottom that was not photographed (it was tuck up inside the bag accidentally.) The purse is also beaded up inside the bottom area.

The interior of the bag is about 7 1/2" long x 4 1/2" wide or 19 cm x 11.5 cm. The entire bag is is pristine perfectly clean like new condition with no signs of wear or other imperfections. All of the beads are original and present and in perfect shape. This is a great price for this mint condition signed Czech opera bag.

Very few opera bags still have their original tag, very few are in this condition, and it is rare to find these magnificent jewel tone colors.

Lapis Lazuli Sterling Pendant Necklace Vintage Art Nouveau Jewelry $ 95


This Lapis Lazuli gemstone pendant is a vintage custom made Art Nouveau design in a sterling silver setting.

The oval and domed polished Lapis cab is a premium specimen with gold mica flecks. The anchor chain style necklace is new and is not sterling but is silver plated.

Medium petite in size, the pendant is 1 1/4" wide x 1" tall or 30 mm x 25 mm. The new chain is 21" or 53 cm long. Unsigned, the necklace is finished with an easy to use silver metal lobster clasp. Both pendant and chain are in pristine like new microscopically clean condition with no imperfections or flaws. The silver plate chain is bright and like new with no scratches or dings. The Lapis gemstone is perfect as well with no scratches, chips, or scuffs.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a luxury presentation necklace box.

Milk Glass Earrings Spirals w Crystals 1950s Vintage Jewelry $ 55


Made in the 1950s, these unique spiral flower clip earrings are made of milk glass with striking clear crystal bicones around the perimeter. The milk glass tube beads and the bicone crystals are tightly set in place by clear monofilament. The faceted crystals are great old world Austrian quality with reflective rainbow hues. The earrings are exceptional hand made quality and are signed West Germany.

Medium in size, the earrings are 1 1/4" or 32 mm wide. The pair is in pristine clean like new condition with no imperfections or flaws. The silver metal backs and silver metal clips look like new. All of the beads and crystals are perfect with no cracks, chips, or wear.

Opal Sterling Necklace Modern Deco Pendant Custom Made Jewelry $ 145

Opal Sterling Necklace Modern Deco Pendant Custom Made Jewelry $ 145

This very unique modern style necklace is a contemporary design that was artist made and not mass produced.

The pendant features a large triangular rough cut Fire Opal in it's natural state along with a small matching polished Fire Opal. The large rough cut Opal has a granular sugar texture with a glittery, sparkling effect. The pendant is made of sterling silver and it was made in an open work, deep box design. It is also called a slider pendant as the sterling chain is inserted from the side.

This pendant can also be worn on a choker hoop. Medium large in size, the pendant is 1 3/8" wide x 1 1/4" tall or 35 mm x 32 mm. The sterling silver snake chain is 18 " or 46 cm long.

The back of the pendant is signed WK, 925, China. The chain is sterling silver too but is not signed that I can find. In pristine new condition, this necklace has never been worn. There are no imperfections or flaws to the Opals and the sterling is polished, clean, and bright.