Monday, June 4, 2012

Vintage Cufflinks Caribbean Blue Rivoli Crystals 1960s Mens Jewelry $65


As a vintage cufflink collector, I have seen thousands of pair of vintage cufflinks and 90% of the designs I pass by. They have to be certain styles and in superb condition to be of interest to me. Here on my website you will find one of the most unique and largest collections of vintage cufflinks for sale online. (If you are not in the mens vintage cufflink category, click on Mens Jewelry to your left).

Made in the 1960-1970 era, these vintage cufflinks are one of the best Rivoli styles you will ever see.

Most Rivioli style cufflinks are very large and bulky, but these are more of a medium petite size and the Rivoli crystals are Caribbean blue with flashes of neon light blue and light green. The silver rhodium frames enchance the radiating Rivoli appearance as they are beveled in a radiating pattern. The cufflink mesh chains are silver rhodium metal as well.

Unsigned, the face of the cufflinks are 5/8" or 1.6 cm wide. The Rivoli crystals are 10 mm. Both cufflinks are in pristine microscopically clean like new condition all around. There are no imperfections or signs of wear. I sincerely doubt this pair has ever been worn.

Comes shipped in a new cufflink presentation box.
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