Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vintage Cufflinks 1950s Swank Silver Orbs w Blue Crystal Baguettes $55

Vintage Cufflinks 1950s Swank Silver Orbs w Blue Crystal Baguettes


Made by Swank in the 1950s, these cufflinks were made when Swank was running out of Retro Modern Atomic Age designs to make.

They had already made every possible design they could think of, so someone there came up with something new that had a special twist : Montana blue baguette crystals set on an arch that looks like part of a wheel or steps on an escalator. This is probably where the inspiration came from. One of Swanks designers was on an elevator one day and said to himself, " If I could set baguette crystals on cufflinks to look like these steps in motion, I could create a whole new design."

The cufflinks are made of silver rhodium metal and the elliptical shapes have deep sides or edges, creating a frame with recessed satin etched silver metal on the faces.

Medium in size, the cufflinks are 1 1/8" long x 1/2" wide or 28 mm x 13 mm. Both cufflinks are in pristine clean condition. All of the crystal baguettes are original and present with no facet wear or chips. There is no loss of silver rhodium finish but the edges of the cufflinks have some very light wear from gentle handling. Both cufflinks are signed Swank.

Comes gift wrapped and hipped in a new luxury presentation cufflink box as pictured.
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