Sunday, April 14, 2013

Alligator Vintage Handbag or Storage Box 1950s Made in Havana Cuba $49


This full body alligator hand bag was made in Havana Cuba in the 1950s and still has the original label.

Vintage alligator handbags can vary widely in condition and this alligator is in much better condition than most. The alligator has neat blue glass marble eyes as well. The alligator has some minor imperfections, but the color retention and oils in the skin are well retained.

This hand bag no longer has the strap, but I've never seen a vintage alligator bag with a strap that was usable or reliable. The bag is nice and clean and would be perfect to sit on a focal shelf for storage of special items.

The bag is 8" tall x 9" wide 3" front to back or 20 cm x 23 cm x 8 cm.

Here are the imperfections :

There is one small tear and one small separation/crack on the front.
One side, on the back top inside, is torn from the stitching.
The areas where the straps used to be; the skin is worn.
Some light wear to the leather in small spots inside.
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