Sunday, April 14, 2013

Antique Jewelry Box Embossed Celluloid Victorian Boy Girl Skating XLG $65


I cannot tell you exactly when this antique jewelry box was made but Im certain it was before 1940; probably between 1915-1935.

This is a very rare antique jewelry box; you will most likely never see another one like it.

This extra large box is a dove tailed wood box with a molded celluloid overlay. There is a celluloid cherub, ornate scrolls and flowers. The mold work is in relief and the celluoid is honey brown or a golden tan. On one half of the box is a Vicorian boy and girl ice skating; it is an applique molded under clear plastic. The front has the original antique brass hinge and the hinges on the back are original as well.

Large in size, the box is 9 1/2" wide x 7" tall x 2 1/2" deep.

The box is in fair condition and fair is good for a jewelry box of this style. Similar ones I have seen in the past were in wretched condition; too poor to repair or keep. You will notice flaking or peeling and brown foxing on the sides of the lid and some on the bottom corners. You will also notice some light scratches and specks of discoloration. On the lid, on the portrait side, there is a slight roll at the center where it is not completely flat, or delaminated.
The interior has three compartments with the original old, worn, silk lining on the lid only. All of the compartments, and the lid, need new silk lining. The bottom is finished in the original old patterned paper and is aged but in tact. The box is all original and has not been altered or restored and is not signed that I can find.

If this box were in not excellent, but just very good condition, it would have a value of about $ 200-250. Just replacing the silk inside, the box would be worth at $ 125-145.
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