Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chrysocolla Brooch Big Gemstone Pin 1960s Vintage Jewelry $145


This exceptional Chrysocolla gemstone brooch or pendant is a very rare find.

The impressive Big cab had beautiful turquoise blue / green marbled hues. This particular Chrysocolla cab has a unique crystalline structure that's adds a slight sparkle.

It is very rare to find a Chrysocolla gem of this size and the brooch was made in the 1955-1965 era. Today, if you go to gem sites and try to buy a Chrysocolla cab this size, it will cost about $ 220 just for the gemstone!

This brooch is probably one of a kind and was hand made and not mass produced. I can tell you this because I recognize the setting style. Settings like this could be purchased at craft stores and you put your own stone in the setting. Back in the 1960s, Im certain a Chrysocolla cab like this one was not nearly as expensive as they are today. One really great feature about the gold brooch setting : It has a bail on the back and can also be worn vertically as a pendant.

The brooch is very large at 2" tall x 1 5/8" wide or 53 mm x 40 mm. The cab is 40 mm x 31 mm.

The entire brooch is in pristine super clean condition with no imperfections or flaws. The Chrysocolla is smooth polished and not is not clear coated. The surface is slightly granular to the touch. There are no cracks or chips; there are some natural stable fissures. The brooch is not signed.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new luxury presentation brooch box.

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